This privacy notice is design to help you understand how and what we use your personal information for. It is designed to protect you and for you to understand how we handle and process your data.

Why do we collect personal data?

The information we collect from you is done so to:

  • Process your financial transactions.
  • Send you order confirmations.
  • Respond to customer service requests, questions and concerns.
  • Send you requested product or service information.
  • Keep you informed about special offers and services provided by Blingprints.
  • Meet our research and product/service development needs and to improve our Site, services and offerings; and
  • Customize your experience, including targeting our services and offerings to you.
  • Fulfilling our courier, air freight or shop services.
  • Providing a record of your previous orders and transactions, which you can access at any time via your account.
  • Sending important updates, news and special offers via email, or requesting and collecting customer feedback in order to improve our website and services.
  • Notify you of any changes to goods and/or services that may affect you.

We will never share or exchange your personal data  including your email, home address or contact number to any Third-Parties.

We do not have any access to your payment details, credit/debit cards or bank account details, as all of your payments are process through PayPal or Stripe and are held on their databases.

Our contact details

If you wish to get in touch with BlingPrints to speak to us about your Data, you can do so by contacting us at one of the following:

  1. E.Hogan, Ripponden Rd, OL4 2LW.
  2. Email: [email protected]